You are the creator of your realm!    
Dr. Katie – author of Finding the Great Creative You

Hi – this is Dr. Katie – Welcome and please take some time to explore my site as you explore your life. Here you will find information to use right away, and I am sure you will discover something that calls your name. It is here you will meet yourself and find the services I offer as a change catalyst (my clients and colleagues come to me to be ‘ignited”).  You have found this site because you want to expand your life into the dreams you are stepping into right now! You are in the right place at just the right time!

You Are Already Special – One of a Kind & Your DNA proves it! You Can Actually Change Your DNA Programming for The Life You Truly Want

 As a coach, mentor and spiritual guide, I specialize in helping you:

  • Embrace your spiritual self – the authentic You
  • Uncover your life plan and fulfill it
  • Live the life you were meant to live in your career, money and relationships
  • Find your clarity – know for sure who you are and what you want – that makes it easier to get the life you want
  • Experience meditations to evolve your body-mind and support your spirit
  • Find your Inner-courage in 6 steps
  • Through a simple and ingenious process – transform your limiting beliefs and behaviors and step into the Being you truly are.
  • Ease into the global changes around you – take all things in stride

You are already ‘wired’ for Greatness and it is my job to help you identify that greatness as I Witness Your Mastery and teach you the simple skills that literally change your life with ease and grace. You know you have greatness within or you would not be here on this planet at this time.

Wherever you are feeling ‘stuck’ or unclear, or ‘off’ in your life – you already have the answer inside and I help you find it. This is your time and I am your guide.

What do you want in your life instead of what you have now? Not sure? This is the place – join me in a life-creating partnership as you ‘show up’ on your right path.

You can break your old habits of being yourself and reorganize who you think you are into who you KNOW you are in your deepest Self. You have seen the Master of your life – and it is You.

To book a free consultation email me at drlgarnett@yahoo.com

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