‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’ —Maya Angelou

You Are a BraveWoman

Come Step Out in Courage

~ Dr.Katie

Brave Woman is about bringing out the greatness within you – the greatness that is already within your DNA now.

We believe that every woman carries within her true wisdom and true power.

This is an exciting time to be a woman right now, we are returning to the goddess, the spiritual warrior, the shaman, the guide.

Things are changing and possibilities abound for you as a woman – you feel it, but you may not believe it yet. Let us show you how.

If you hear yourself saying:

I can’t make changes in my life, it is too scary…

I’m not like other people, I’m not courageous…

Other people have terrific luck, but I don’t…

I don’t deserve to have any more than I have…

In these times, who can succeed…

I better not try and do something new, I don’t like this job but at least I have one…

I’d love a relationship but I am too old (too fat, too tall, too poor)…

Well, what if it were just as true that:

I can make changes in my life, I am curious about what can be…

I am courageous, I feel it within me…

Other people have terrific luck, and so do I….

I deserve to have anything I want…

This is the very best time to start something new…

 I open my heart to the allowing a beautiful relationship into my life….

It is important to know that both belief-sets are potentially true – it all depends on where you personally put your energy and intention.

So the most critical question to ask yourself is:

Which story will serve your life better?

The story that concentrates on the loss, lack and fear?

Or the story that concentrates on endless possibilities?

Bonnie and I offer –

The Total One Command Program for Brave Women –

Women Who Are Stepping into Their Courage.

This exciting and fulfilling program is coming up very soon in the greater Seattle area and –

It Will Change Your Life.

This is a Be All You Can Be program – the walk-away from this time spent together is specifically designed for you and your personal alignment to Your Own Greatness Within.

This program is about learning and practicing your innate Behavioral Style of belief and action and learning and using The One Command process in depth with the emphasis on bringing forth that Brave Woman you have always known is within you. It is also about finding the magic within so that your greatness is fully realized and activated.

Offered at an incredibly reasonable price, this break-through program for Women uses skills and techniques learned over a lifetime of professional and deeply esoteric training ins healing, coaching, and life expansion. We already know that The One Command directly changes your DNA and helps you reshape your Life in the ways that you have told us in our teleseminars, coaching sessions, on the Wednesday morning calls and on the Yahoo group…that you are looking for in your life.

Katie brings you decades of experience in assertiveness training and communication united with The One Command, Ho’oponopono, Reiki, Theta healing and multiple other emotional and physical healing processes.

Bonnie brings her brilliant spirit of intuitive work, including her experience as a trained medical intuitive which allows her to help you see the results in your heart and mind regarding what has gone before and then helps you to release yourself to greatness and personal strength. She is also highly experienced in Reiki, Theta healing and multiple healing, coaching and counseling techniques.

The One Command is our outline, the parameters and core support of the ‘coming out’ of your own Brave Woman – this is the woman in you that Walks in Strength, Self-love, fulfilling relationships and abundance.

Tell your friends – tell the woman you care about who would love to open their own hearts to their greatest lives ever.

If your friends aren’t on our mailing list – they can contact us at for more information.

The Brave Woman workshop, seminars and coaching is where you:

  • Find you voice
  • Say ‘no’ with confidence
  • Set boundaries
  • Say ‘yes’ to yourself!


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