Life is a Miracle – Do You Have a Transcendent Appointment With Me?

Personal and Professional Sessions:

Step Off the Curb – single session ~ 

Invest in Yourself Package ~ 4 Sessions – discount >

  • Includes email support
  • Life Expansion Package ~ 6 Months of twelve 30 min Check-in Sessions –

    • Includes email support

    Dr. Katie has created a deep-based capacity to guide others to their own greatness and abilities and purpose. With well-developed intuitive skills aided by training and experience as a psychologist, international health educator and cultural anthropologist specializing in emotional healing techniques from cultures around the world – her work with groups and individuals is focused on What you want instead… This means, what do you want to be, do, or have in your life, instead of what you have now – such as more skills and capacities, a stronger sense of internal success, better relationships, better health, more meaning and a clearer purpose.

    As a coach, my sessions are transformative as well as realistic, creative and possible.

    My personal philosophy is based on the re-creation of life in every moment. Find out what you want and go boldly in that direction.

    My personal vision for my life’s work is to be so happy to be doing what I am doing – that I am always enjoying the life I am living. Life supports us – this is a belief in possibility – is it your belief?

    If so, let’s create change in your life together. Email me at or call me at 425-322-5120.

    What people say about their Divine Appointments with Katie:

    “I have known Katie for close to a decade now and she is amazing. Her depth of knowledge, counseling and coaching experience and caring about others is unparalleled.  When I feel stuck, frustrated and wonder what to do next, she is my ‘go to’ person and I always come away with a fresh perspective, positive attitude and an absolute change in my being. 

    As a Spiritual Catalyst, she knows how to get right to the heart of the matter and guide you into a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself, your life and your purpose for being here. And she does it in such a gentle, natural way that your life changes before your very eyes. You will absolutely find what you are looking for when you work with Katie.  I know that I do—every time, without fail, and I am a better person for it. – Bonnie Strehlow, Medical Intuitive

    Katie I want to thank you so much for the most transcendent experience I have ever had at a teleseminar or workshop, and I had attended many over the years. You have teaching, mentoring and coaching skills that are unparalleled. As a professional psychologist and colleague, I am deeply impressed and value the experience of the quality of what you offer and the service you provide.– Dr. Luci Carstens

    Dr. Katie has a wonderful gift of using her incredible intellect and intuition; synthesizing them to speak into my life with understanding and fresh perspective. She helped bring clarity to my intention for my life. Then she very lovingly and powerfully guided me through The One Command process, as well as another practice to further support me in feeling my power. She just seemed to know just what would support me!

    The session flowed effortlessly. I felt so much good energy, but not a woo hoo! kind of excitement, which is usually temporary for me. Instead my heart felt more open, I felt more alive and grateful for the miracle of my life, and all the support I have within and around me. All from a 30 minute session. Laser coaching at it’s best! Since my session, I’ve continued to use the tools and understanding she gave me, and I’m noticing signs of things shifting in my life to support me in playing bigger in my life: wonderful new clients, new ideas and opportunities! Thank you Katie for supporting my expansion! – Anita G. Houser

    My session with Dr Katie Garnett was such a blessing, and was perfectly and divinely orchestrated. She easily facilitates and guides you to allow the answers to spring forth from within. This transformative session was gentle, and yet profound. (And, we had fun!) Thank you, Dr Katie. I recommend you most highly, for assisting others on their path to Inner Truth. – Dianne Dougherty, RN, BSN

    What a great lesson I got…puts a whole new spin on setting intentions and listing dreams and desires!  Thank you. The statement that you made about “in a place of discomfort and wanting endings, you are likely in one NOW…” just blew me away.  I have had a sense of that being the case, but didn’t have the words to let my brain know what I was feeling, and that is just perfect! I have it written down on a card that I can now look at daily, as that is sometimes how often the feeling occurs. More strongly some times than others, of course, of tremendous help, for sure! YOU are unique and special. – Maria Seller

    Dr. Katie is a wonderful coach and mentor, and overall a great human being. Spending time with Katie one gets the benefit of her unique combination of formidable intellect, extensive knowledge, training and gentle nature. Dr. Katie leads one gently and kindly to great insights and “aha” moments, as well as sharing some great practical techniques to add to one’s life toolkit. Anyone would benefit from Dr. Katie’s wisdom and gentle guidance. – Sue B

    I found my session with Dr. Katie very helpful and enjoyable. She helped me redirect my thinking. I find it difficult to let go of my analytical mind. It is helpful to have someone else walk you through the One Command. Katie helped me create new Commands after discussing ideas and thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy her happy buoyant personality. – Patty Jansma


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