Created by Dr. Katie Garnett

The Brave Woman Seminar – Weekend programs have been held in the incredible desert environment of Tucson, AZ and online from green and gorgeous Washington State.

A full day of transformation, laughter and building community.

And so much more….

Within each of us lives our Greater Capacity, our Inner Courage and our Wholeness – join us to find your Awareness of who you truly are and unfold your special Being.

We are here to Witness Your Mastery! We are Your Divine Appointment!

For information about upcoming classes….

Or to become a Certified One Command Circle Leader (a new One Command career for you – make money in your home or meeting place and change peoples lives as you do.)

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Katie’s Classes:

If you are interested in taking a class (or hosting a class in your area), please contact Katie at or call 520-322-5120 (greater Seattle area)

Level 1: The Brave Woman Seminar – Step into Your Courage

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao Tzu

This is an exciting time to be a woman! You are a leader–you know it and feel it. Now unfold it in this one-day seminar that introduces you to the sacred Brave Woman that lies within you, waiting to be awakened.

Your Journey of Courage begins with just one step—come take that step with Dr. Katie Garnett as you find your voice and fall in love with yourself all over again.

Have you been sensing a:

  • Restlessness that won’t go away that you know is spurring you on to a bigger life?
  • Destiny waiting for you that you feel in every cell of your body?
  • Need to step up to the plate and do it now, for you and for all you those you love?

Join us for this one-day seminar to learn a simple 6-step healing technique and easy patterns of communication that will WOW you!  We will learn together, laugh together and maybe even shed a few tears together.

A Brave Woman lies within you.  All you need is to that first step.

Level 2: The Brave Woman – Unlock Your Genius

“You can’t go into the future by holding on to the past.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

This 2-day seminar builds on what you initiated for yourself in Level 1 and opens you to even greater experiences of courage, love and laughter.  You create a stronger, more wonderful version of your best self.


  • Living without worry and fear
  • Loving yourself at least as much as you love others
  • Walking away feeling empowered and knowing who you are

The knowledge and skills you walk away with will change your life forever. Katie and Bonnie learned the art of coaching and bringing people’s inner-being forth through trials by fire, education and years of specialized training from our own mentors and teachers, and we offer that wisdom to you from our hearts and souls.

Level 3 – The Brave Woman – Fully Realize Your Destiny

“When women awaken, mountains will move.”  Chinese proverb

You have heard that we are living in interesting times, scary times, exciting times, changing times, and expansive times. And most of all you know that you are meant to be a part of this growth and change, you are meant to be a healing presence in the world.  You are meant to live from your own Greatness.

In this 2-day non-residential retreat, you learn to:

  • Live as a Brave Woman in every area of your life
  • Trust your inner knowledge and live from your internal guidance
  • Witness your own Mastery as well as see the Mastery in others

Now is the time to empower yourself and others. As you have mastered your Brave Woman you now step out into the world to help other women find their voices and take their Journey of Courage.

 This is your time – this is your season – come into your own. Now.

Meditation for Life

Meditation comes in many shapes and forms and you learn them here:

  • Basic relaxation and stress management
  • 10 minute meditations, 20 minute meditations, 60 minutes meditations
  • The Eagle Meditation
  • Meditation for Health
  • Meditation for Life Expansion
  • Meditation for Grace
  • Meditation for Future Pacing

 Meditation is a gift to your body-mind and spirit.

The One Day-The One Command®

Ordinary Thinking to Extraordinary Creating!

This one-day event teaches you how to intentionally create your life and
get the results you want.  Operate from the powerful state of your theta mind-the new cutting edge technology for creating instant change.  This seminar is based on the best-selling book The One Command by Asara Lovejoy. This is the Law of Attraction on speed and picks up where ‘The Secret’ left off! Discover the power for positive change that you hold in your hands.

 Join me for this next great adventure of your life!

 The One Command Practitioner Certification – Live or Online

In this 3-day event you learn a system of change that quickly and easily improves the quality of your life in a completely new way.

You discover the knowledge behind the practice of The One Command®, and how and why it is so successful.  This certification program is designed to guide you through a simple process of change and gives you the skill to elegantly guide others through this process as well.  You can add this technique to your current practice or develop a practice of you own using this technique.

By the end of the seminar you are established as a Certified One Command Practitioner level 1 and have the skills and knowledge to get great results for yourself and your clients.

Commanding Wealth®

This three-day seminar is dedicated to making changes in your financial life by investigating and clearing your limited money beliefs.  You take the time to get rid of what doesn’t work in your finances and create a new prosperous blueprint for yourself.  Eliminate past money failures and increase new wealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It seems almost miraculous, the easy manner in which you can apply this knowledge and achieve results. You are invited to attend this financially rewarding seminar. We guarantee that you will succeed in changing your ideas, concepts, and expectations of wealth and riches in your life by doing so!

Stories From The One Command:
Linda’s design business went from a small income to $10,000 a month within 5 months.

Donna had no real estate clients or even prospects the first of the year –within two weeks she had 9 solid new clients and two under contract.

Karen’s relationship with her daughter improved dramatically and her life is better than she could have imagined.

Vonnie’s medical miracle literally saved her life – the Command she did for ‘vibrant health’ changed her life in the most dramatic ways and her health and life of healthy energy and expansion is nothing less than amazing.

Suzanne says “I can’t even find my old thoughts, they don’t even exist.  The only things that exist since this life transforming technique came into my life are potential and possibilities.  I can’t stop smiling and laughing inside.  Like I know a secret that the rest of the world is waiting to hear.”


2 thoughts on “Events/Classes”

  1. Where are your Commanding Wealth workshops and when? Also, where can I find a Commanding Wealth Circle in Berks or Montgomery County (near Phila) PA Thank you!

    • Hi cdemario – There are Commanding Wealth Circles around the country and I am checking now to see if we have an active Circle Leader in your area. My teaching partner and co-Director of The One Command Life, Bonnie Strehlow and I, offer Commanding Wealth workshops live here in Seattle and I will also look for workshops in your area.

      We do all the classes by phone and skype as well. You can reach me most easily by email at or

      You are most welcome to read the articles and global community comments and Q&A on – you can learn more about how The One Command works from the viewpoint of people using it.

      Please feel free to ask questions any time by email or even on the Forum – our global Campfire community.

      I look forward to helping out – warmly, Dr. Katie

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