Dr. Katie Garnett

This is Your Time – This is Your Place

Step into Your Greatness

Hi, my name is Katie Garnett and my purpose is to help you be exactly who you are meant to be. You are already a Master and what I do is provide the opportunity for you to identify and utilize your own Mastery.

Remember how it felt when you were in the ‘zone’, when you knew who you were and fully embraced the moment. You have had more that just one time in that place, you know it exists for you and you know who you truly are, you may just need a little help reconnecting with that you – and that is where I come into your life. I am your Guide, Coach and Mentor.

Why Me?

My own journey has taken me around the world to learn, work and study. I have worked with great Masters and with those who didn’t even know they were Masters. My life in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and much of the Continental U.S. has opened doors of perception to innumerable ideas, methods and skills for healing and living full healthy, happy lives, filled with both energy and contentment.

It took decades of really interesting education and training and the opportunity to work with many phenomenal healers, educators, psychologists, and scientists to move me to my life in this decade – this special time in our global history and this time of spiritual expansion.

I am dedicated to working with you – you are here now because your soul has embraced this time for you. Your Greatness is within – bring it forth now. This is your joyful moment!

Contact Katie – drlgarnett@yahoo.com


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