The One Command

Dr. Katie Garnett –

As a Certified One Command Seminar Leader, a Certified Executive Success Coach, co-creator of the One Command Certified Circle Leader certification training and co-program developer of One Command programs – welcome to a whole new life.

My specialty is to help you learn 6 very simple and easy steps to changing your thoughts, changing your DNA and thereby changing your life from what you have…to what you want instead – and THEN to expand your life change through the 7th Step of The One Command – Action!

As your Global Circle Leader Coordinator – I also welcome you to join us in becoming a One Command Circle Leader yourself – in your own home or office. Make your joy your business and let me show you how.

Contact me at or

Dr. Katie-Lynne Garnett

Certified Executive Success Coach
Certified The One Command® – 1 Day Seminar Leader
Certified Commanding Wealth Seminar Leader
Certified Commanding Wealth Leader Trainer
Certified Commanding Wealth Circle Leader
Teacher and trainer – along with Asara Lovejoy and Bonnie Strehlow  – of all One Command Programs

Are you ready for a change?
Change for a rich life lived enjoyably?

Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command, says if you are, then come discover as she did, the EXTRAORDINARY capacity you have right within you.  Become your own success story as those attending learning The One Command worldwide have done!  As you learn this simple, straightforward process, you engage your theta mind, change what you think is impossible to possible, activate your DNA wealth, health, relationship and spiritual programs, all in a state of satisfaction, naturally and easily.  These seminars, coaching and teachings are based on the best selling book, The One Command.

Miracles of The One Command:

  • Toni received a $10,000 bonus at work, unexpected and unheard of in her position
  • Marty was promoted to a position with a large increase in income, one he had repeatedly been refused before The One Command
  • Gayle went for a business consultation and walked away with an unexpected $30,000 contract immediately after the course
  • Rose had her book published
  • Kathryn tripled her income the very next month
  • Aaron reduced his debts by $42,000 just months after the course, now has an additional $27,000 in account receivables, and his credit score went up 50 points.
  • There are more and more stories to tell and far to many to list here. Why not become a success story yourself?

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